Sunday, 26 August 2012

Thoughts on Lecture 5

Last week's lecture was on factual storytelling with pictures, and provided a rudimentary overview of photography. Buzz words such as viewpoint and light were mentioned, unlike in COMU1999 were it's as common as the word 'the'. It was, however, also heavily focused the history of photojournalism, which was surprisingly the most interesting thing I've learned all semester. In the realm of traditional media, black and white illustrations in newspapers were the norm for a very long time  It wasn't until a few years after photography was around, it then become a very commercial and economical method to use photos to capture images for important stories.

Even more interesting to learn from the lecture, though, is the history of visual media on the internet. For instance, the first picture ever uploaded on the internet was this:

Behold! The majesty of the internet.
This goes all the way back to 1992, making it two decades ago that this historic milestone of the internet occurred. In the same light, the first ever video uploaded on Youtube - which is now seven years into prime - just happens to be an impressively unimpressive, less-than-twenty-second video of a guy at the zoo talking about elephants.

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