Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Thoughts on Lecture 2

On Monday the topic for the JOUR1111 lecture was "New News". The lecturer talked about how the way the news is delivered to us is evolving away from traditional media to the internet. I already knew this; but who doesn't? I get all my news from the internet because I can tailor it for myself. If there are any upcoming video games that I want to research, there's plenty of websites that I can visit that feature exclusive gameplay footage, trailers, articles and impressions. Also if I'm in the mood for humorous political
news, there's this website that I go to that's completely dedicated to it. Everything I need to know can be found on the internet; all you have to know is where to look.

The reason why I shudder at TV news and other forms of traditional media is how general it is. It's telling me that I should care about something that I really don't. Like hero stories - I can't stand them - because there always so hammy and the anchors put on a fake smile. That's why I'm put off by traditional media and instead favor the internet.

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